>V.F. Perkins Online


A tiny little post to indicate the websites where two indispensable articles about film (and film studies) by Victor Perkins, world-renowned author of Film as Film (London: Penguin Books, 1972), can be found:

  • ‘Same Tune Again! Repetition and Framing in Letter from an Unknown Woman’ (originally published in CineAction! no. 52) republished online by Danish film studies journal 16:9 (September 2003) and accessible HERE.
  • ‘Moments of Choice’ [on film directing] (originally published in The Movie, ch. 58, reprinted in Ann Lloyd (ed.), Movie Book of the Fifties, Orbis, 1982) republished online by the Australian journal Rouge (issue 9, 2006) and accessible HERE.

These are the two highlights of a number of recent updates to Film Studies For Free’s listing of links to ‘Individual Authors’ Online Writing Of Note’.

[Note added on September 26, 2008: for a detailed discussion of Perkins’ ‘Moments of Choice’, please see my posting on it on the Directing Cinema blog (link HERE).]


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