>Coup de foudre: François Truffaut links


Antoine et Colette (François Truffaut, 1962) also see here and here

Film Studies For Free‘s human avatar watched François Truffaut‘s Antoine et Colette (1962) at the weekend and it was love at first sight, that is to say, cinephilic déjà vu, like the first experience of watching Les Mistons (1957), or even Les Quatre cent coups (1959), all over again…

Enough impenetrable solipsism, already: let’s get back to FSFF‘s regular stock in trade.

Below are links to some great, scholarly Truffaut resources – mostly essays, freely available to all online. Merci de clicquer!

Please do be sure, also, to check out the magnificent events and screenings which form part of ‘The Nouvelle Vague – 50 Years on’, organised by University of London Screen Studies Group and the AHRC-supported French Cinema in Britain Research Project at the University of Southampton, to be held at the Institut français/Ciné Lumière in London later this week (conference programme HERE).

Also see:


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