Suzhou River and ‘Sixth-Generation’ Chinese Filmmaking

Film Studies For Free‘s author has been busy writing, for her day job, about 婁燁/ Lou Ye‘s Chinese/German coproduction 苏州河 /Suzhou he/Suzhou River (2000), a striking film which plays much more cleverly than most movies with the idea of implied authorship.

Below are some links to the freely-accessible, online resources of note pertaining to that film, as well as to ‘Sixth-Generation’ Chinese filmmaking more generally, which were gleaned as part of the research process:


3 thoughts on “Suzhou River and ‘Sixth-Generation’ Chinese Filmmaking

  1. catherine, fascinating post. want to share with you our blog at think you might be interested, we are a distribution company focused on indie contemporary films from china, and have a related blog on all things independent chinese film. have a recent post on lou ye's most recent film, spring fever.

  2. I enjoyed the film "Beijing Bicycle" and "Still Life", I am very interested in sixth generation Chinese films. On my list are "24 City" "Platform" and "Summer Palace". Sixth generation is much grittier than 5th generation, and less traditional, making the films a treat to watch.

  3. Ooh, I love Suzhou River. Not sure when I'm going to have time to read through all these links but I'll get through as many as I can…

    I saw Summer Palace at the Edinburgh film festival in 2006. Lou Ye was interviewed afterwards – he wasn't defiant at all, and even said he was prepared to cut out anything the authorities wanted him to remove (unless the translator was slipping up on that point). They didn't even give him the chance, though. They just banned the film outright.

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