>Going the distance with Claude Chabrol


Film Studies For Free is rather partial to a good film blogathon and there’s potentially a very good one coming up that FSFF readers absolutely must check out. In honour of Claude Chabrol‘s 79th birthday this June 24, Flickhead aka Ray Young is hosting Ten Days’ Wonder: The Claude Chabrol Blogathon from Sunday, June 21 through Tuesday, June 30.

To paraphrase the kind of clichéd British crime drama dialogue in which the classy Chabrol himself would never indulge, Young has ‘plenty of previous‘ when it comes to the films of this near octogenarian: he is the author of the Claude Chabrol Project website which, among other great resources, hosts detailed interviews with and articles about Chabrol.

The Flickhead blogathon is sure to link to further comprehensive web resources on Chabrol, so below, just to flag up the e-event, is Film Studies For Free‘s little list of links to online scholarly highlights pertaining to this as yet most under-studied great director.

Film Studies For Free‘s author is aiming to join in with the Chabrol fest next week, so... à bientôt (s’il vous plaît…). [The link to FSFF’s video essay‘Unsentimental Education: On Claude Chabrol’s Les Bonnes femmes’ is HERE.]


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