Alice in the Cities (Wim Wenders): homage in links

Film Studies For Free was reminded by a blogpost (‘Defenders of Wenders‘) by Richard Brody at The Front Row (New Yorker Magazine) about just what a great film Alice in den Städten/Alice in the Cities is (Wim Wenders, West Germany, 1974). It’s certainly a wonderful film to teach, both in and out of its New German Cinema or ‘cinema of the everyday‘ contexts.

Here, in its honour, is a little list of links to scholarly or good critical resources pertaining to it and to its director Wim Wenders‘ other early cinematic works.


2 thoughts on “Alice in the Cities (Wim Wenders): homage in links

  1. Working on this terrific film was one of my most pleasurable audio commentary experiences – recaptured the thrill I had when I saw that film for the first time at the age of about 17 ! It holds up so well. And Catherine, do not miss the SIbylle Baier angle: the young woman glimpsed singing near the film's end, whose sole album of the period COLOUR GREEN (rescued a few years ago from private 'basement tapes', thanks to her musician son) is quite simply my favourite music in the whole world – amazing. Wim brought her back to the microphone for a new song on the soundtrack of PALERMO SHOOTING, and there may even be a new album in the works from her after 36 years, but she keeps her own time …

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