Cinephilia celebrated and explored in IndianAuteur

A Film Studies For Free quickie first-off today, just to bring you news of the new issue (no. 7: November 25- December 25) of the IndianAuteur  E-magazine. In particular, FSFF wanted to flag up its fascinating series of articles on film festivals and cinephilia, crowned by a truly fantastic interview with one of the most prodigiously talented and productive cinephile film-writers out there, Adrian Martin.

You can read the issue online by clicking here; and you can download it by clicking here (for the .zip file). The magazine’s great e-archive of past issues is here. Below, FSFF has pasted the table of contents of direct links to all those articles from the new issue which available online:

Paradise Lost: Kshitiz Anand
Cinephilia in India: Nitesh Rohit
Seeing is Believing: Supriya Suri
Winds From The East: Sagorika Singha
Multiplexes, Multi-Million AND Multi-Wood: Anuj Malhotra (there’s a problem loading this page so far)

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