>Back from the brink…


As some readers will know, Film Studies For Free had a recent brush with digital oblivion as Google fleetingly tarnished its (avowedly) sterling reputation with an access warning to those clicking on links to this site over the last two days.

A link or two in its sidebar blogrolls to legitimate websites recently affected by malware turned out to be at fault. In the meantime, FSFF practised a slash and burn technique, and became the lean-mean-blogging machine that you see before you today, that is if you glance to the right and wonder where all its links went…

The radical approach worked and, this morning, this tired and tremulous blog awoke to the good news that the very venerable Google (e-Zeus, as FSFF sometimes dares to call it) no longer considers it to be a plague house.

We live to blog another day. Phew. Thanks so much to all of you who sent supportive messages – they were very much appreciated, and will be treasured long after recent, nasty, memories have faded.

There are gonna be some changes around here, however…. So, please consider this site to be ‘under (re)construction’ for the next little while, as a relieved and grateful FSFF considers some layout changes, along with re-installs of and updates to its lists of permanently viewable links.

If you get tired of waiting, in the meantime, for news of fabulous, openly accessible, online film and media studies resources, just follow (or visit) FSFF‘s micro-blogging little sister filmstudiesff on Twitter.

Hasta la vista and thanks for your patience!


One thought on “>Back from the brink…

  1. >Girish Shambu has done a smart thing by floating his excellent blog as a sub domain (??)of the dot com site. FSFF 's recent travail gave me an idea that his method seems a better solution ( for IPR reason's alone). great to have you back…still savoring the 'Avatar' Post!!

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