>With a twist: on puzzle films, mind games, unreliable narrators, & spoilers


Latest update May 10, 2010

Film Studies For Free is a sucker for films and television dramas with a twist, and also a big fan of reading about audiovisual narrative complexity and narrational unreliability. Never one to keep its enthusiasms to itself, here’s a little list of some excellent, and openly accessible, online reading of the scholarly kind on those very tricksy topics, and a lovely little short film that FSFF came across on its e-travels, too…

Quiet Work by Sean Martin, 2007 (also see here)

“A short film about gardens and gardening, as narrated by my Mother (an unreliable narrator!). Inspired a little by the home movie sequence in Tarkovsky‘s Solaris, and also the Scottish filmmaker Margaret Tait. It’s in stereo. The title is from the poem by Matthew Arnold“.



4 thoughts on “>With a twist: on puzzle films, mind games, unreliable narrators, & spoilers

  1. >Thanks for the links, can't wait to dig in.I have a blog dedicated to True Blood (sunnynala.wordpress.com) and have detected, with my untrained eyes, a LOT of unreliable narration going on that is quite subtle and twisted.The musical and visual 'cues' are often highly misleading as well.Alan Ball is an effing genius.

  2. >this a lovely set of essays. I love puzzle films. I was wondering Catherine if you could put up an Ingmar Bergman collection of criticisms on his works. I was scurrying the net for two nights and no good essay regarding his method of filmmaking. I am making a 'big' review on his The seventh Seal. I watched it last night, and it was amazing.

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