>On Jean-Luc Godard’s Sauve qui peut (la vie)


Film Studies For Free is delighted to pass on word of an excellent new website dedicated to the study of Jean-Luc Godard‘s 1980 film Sauve qui peut (la vie)/ Every Man for Himself / Slow Motion (co-scripted by Godard with Jean-Claude Carrière and Anne-Marie Miéville). The website joins existing, brilliant, online Godard resources, like Glen W. Norton’s Cinema = Godard = Cinema, first established in 1996.
The new site is the Every Man For Himself Resource Archive that gathers links to (almost) every online item of note pertaining to this film in one, elegant, supremely useful space. This is a must-visit recommendation, especially given that this film has just been re-released in some cinemas (in a new 35mm print) in the USA.

There is also a really interesting discussion by David Bordwell of studies of Godard’s film online here:

There are also numerous references to Godard’s film in the following online book (just search “Sauve” in your browser’s “Find [on page]” facility: 

Below are all the excellent scholarly essays that EMFH links to so far. These links take you to the relevant page of their website where you will be referred on to the items themselves:


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