University of Sussex Film and Moving Image Studies Research Online

A (bordering on) recursive Film Studies For Free screengrab

It is Film Studies For Free‘s 3rd birthday today. So, time for a little self-indulgent reflection and celebration…

A lot has changed in the last year, most notably that this blog has had to vie with a Film Studies For Pay job for its author’s attention… Entries have indeed slowed a little. But, despite this, FSFF‘s readership has continued to grow rather astonishingly, with ‘unique visits’ exceeding 300,000, and ‘page views’ just about to reach half a million. Thank you, dear readers!

While there will be big developments at this blog in the coming year — some of those linked to an exciting new, MA in Film Studies course its author will teach on Curating Film Culture next Spring — its essential mission and qualities won’t change: viva Open Access!

Onwards and upwards, but please remember you can follow FSFF in its various incarnations at Twitter, at Facebook, and at Vimeo, and you can keep up with its videographic film studies curations at Audiovisualcy (also on Twitter and Facebook).

Film Studies at the University of Sussex has been such a welcoming, fruitful and stimulating workplace for this blog‘s author. So, today’s entry gratefully gathers links to openly accessible, online, film and moving image studies research and scholarship produced by the very wonderful staff and doctoral students/graduates at that rather venerable (50 years old, itself, next month) and pretty cool institution (as well as by FSFF‘s own scrivener).


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