Godardian Greatness Galore!

Updated April 11, 2012

Godardloop, a multi-part video essay on the films of Jean-Luc Godard. Produced by Michael Baute and edited by Bettina Blickwede, this video explores a treasure trove of imagery found in dozens of Godard’s features and shorts, grouping them among several distinct themes. 47 films spanning 50 years of filmmaking are transformed into a stream of images that attest to an inimitable talent: an artist who can transform the world simply by the way he looks at it through his camera. Learn more and watch more Fandor videos 

Film Studies For Free catches up with some great, openly accessible or viewable, Godardian items, above and below, that have been circulating the interwebs for a little while now, together with some that haven’t been!

  • Update: Then there is the (actually) equally (if not more) exciting news of the “Godard Is” Issue of the relaunched VERTIGO magazine with great new articles and essays on the French director’s work by Adrian Martin, James S. Williams, Roland-François Lack and numerous stellar others.

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