Unfolding Film and Media Studies: "Postproduction", Freeze Frames, Death, Games, Augmented Reality and Biological Media

Framegrab from Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo/Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (Uli Edel, 1981). Read Varpu Rantala‘s essay on studying this film via the link given below.

A quick little entry today, just to alert Film Studies For Free‘s e-bookworm readers of the latest, excellent update to FSFF‘s permanent list of links to online and openly accessible ebooks:

Jukka-Pekka Puro and Jukka Sihvonen (eds.), Unfolding Media Studies: Working Papers 2010 (Turku: Media Studies, University of Turku, 2011) PDF

Full contents are set out below.

  • Preface    7

    Film Studies

  • ILONA HONGISTO: Documentary Fabulation: Folding the True and the False    9
  • VARPU RANTALA: Samples of Christiane F.: Experimenting with Digital Postproduction in Film Studies    19
  • TOMMI RÖMPÖTTI: To the Freeze-Frame and Beyond    33
  • OUTI HAKOLA: Modeling Experience: Death Events and the Public Sphere    49
  • MARIA KESTI: Science on Fire! A Flying Torch Articulates    63
  • New Media

  • JUKKA SIHVONEN: Careless Saints: Notes for Research on the Aesthetics of Digital Games    69
  • TERO KARPPI: Reality Bites: Subjects of Augmented Reality Applications    89
  • TAPIO MÄKELÄ: Locative Games as Social Software: Playing in Object Oriented Neighbourhoods    103
  • JUKKA-PEKKA PURO: Turning Inside: Towards a Phenomenology of Biological Media    123

Memory Screens: New Issue of IMAGE AND NARRATIVE

Frame grab from 1975 (Shaun Wilson, version 1 (2005), DV as single channel DVD, colour, sound, 5mins). Visit Shaun Wilson‘s website here and read his article about ‘home movies’ here

The concept of memory screens is an overarching term exploring the relationship between forms of media, viewers, practitioners and memory. The notion of memory screens alludes to the ways in which memories become remembered, layered, forgotten and transformed. The range of articles in this volume reflects the relationship between memory and history, both public and personal. [‘Thematic Cluster: Introduction’ by Teresa Forde]

Film Studies For Free continues to be impressed by the excellence of the online journal Image and Narrative which has recently published a special issue entitled Memory Screens.

FSFF particularly appreciated film and video artist Shaun Wilson’s essay on the art of vintage home movies, Jenny Chamarette’s study of the dynamics of the ‘spectre’ or ‘spectral body’ of the auteurist figure of Agnès Varda, Peter Kravanja’s exploration of narrative contingencies in Rohmer and Akerman and Teresa Forde and Erin Bell‘s discussions of memory and British television. But this is a very high quality issue throughout and, as always at I and N, particularly characterised by the thoughtful integration of close analysis and film and moving image theory.

Image and Narrative, Vol 12, No 2 (2011): Memory Screens

Table of Contents

  • ‘Thematic Cluster: Introduction’ by Teresa Forde ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Remixing Memory through Home Movies’ by Shaun Wilson ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Video Installation, Memory and Storytelling: the viewer as narrator’ by Diane Charleson ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Spectral bodies, temporalised spaces: Agnès Varda’s motile gestures of mourning and memorial’ by Jenny Chamarette ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Television and memory: history programming and contemporary identities’ by Erin Bell ABSTRACTPDF
  • ‘Television Dramas as Memory Screens’ by Teresa Forde ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘The Lives of Others: re-remembering the German Democratic Republic’  by Margaret Montgomerie and Anne- Kathrin Reck ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Nostalgic [re]remembering: film fan cultures and the affective reiteration of popular film histories’ by Nathan Hunt ABSTRACT PDF

Various Articles

  • ‘Cinema, Contingencies, Metaphysics’ by Peter Kravanja ABSTRACT PDF

Review Articles

  • Hillary Chute’s Ambivalent Idiom of Witness’ by Charlotte Pylyser  ABSTRACT PDF
  • ‘Naissances de la bande dessinée de William Hogarth à Winsor McCay’ by Pascal Lefèvre ABSTRACT PDF