Seven Great Film Studies PhD Theses from the University of Edinburgh

Framegrab from Jeux interdits/Forbidden Games (René Clément, 1952)

The classically idyllic, carefree world of childhood would appear to be diametrically opposed to the horrors of war and world-wide conflict. However, throughout film history, filmmakers have continually turned to the figure of the child as a prism through which to examine the devastation caused by war.
This thesis will investigate the representation of childhood experience of the Second World War across six fiction films: Roberto Rossellini’s Paisan (1946) and Germany Year Zero (1947), René Clément’s Forbidden Games (1952), Andrei Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood (1962), Jan Nemec’s Diamonds of the Night (1964) and Elem Klimov’s Come and See (1985). [Pasquale Iannone, Childhood and the Second World War in the European fiction film PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2011: 11; hyperlinks added by FSFF]

Film Studies For Free went a-hunting at the research repository at the University of Edinburgh and found that seven great full-text PhD theses have been archived there.

Each of these works of original research has a huge amount to offer any student of cinema, and so it’s really great that their authors and their university have made them publicly available online.

FSFF hopes its readers will join it in saluting them!


Film and Television Studies Theses from the University of East Anglia

Image from Dirty Dancing (Emile Ardolino, 1987). You can read about this film in ‘“There are a lot of things about me that aren’t what you thought”: Dirty Dancing and Women’s Liberation’, Chapter Two in Oliver Gruner’s 2010 PhD thesis: Public politics/personal authenticity: a tale of two sixties in Hollywood cinema, 1986-1994

A quickie entry from Film Studies For Free today: a list of links to eight, excellent quality, PhD theses in film and television studies (plus a related journal article) from the University of East Anglia Digital Repository.

These links have been added to FSFF‘s permanent listing of links to openly accessible, English-language, online film and moving studies PhD and MPhil from repositories all over the world. The list now exceeds 200 items.

PhD Theses:

Other items:

Great Film Studies Theses from Texas Universities

Image from Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982). You can read about this film in Chi Hyun Park’s 2008 PhD thesis: Orientalism in U.S. cyberpunk cinema from Blade Runner to the Matrix

Film Studies For Free brings you one of its regular reports from eRepositories. This time it’s the turn of the institutes of higher learning located in the largest state of the contiguous U.S.A., the online theses of which are kindly and neatly hosted by the wonderful folks at the Texas Digital Repository.

Seek, and ye shall find, and FSFF did indeed seek and find some graduate work of excellent quality, and on an incredibly wide range of topics. Ye can find it linked to below.

The PhD theses, in particular, will shortly be added to FSFF‘s permanent listing of Online Film and Moving Image Studies PhD and MPhil Theses.

Ye all come back now! 

Forty more film and moving image studies theses online

Frame grab from Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson, 1951), a film discussed in Andrew Klevan’s PhD thesis Disclosure of the Everyday

Film Studies For Free brings you its latest roundup of links to online and openly accessible film and moving image studies theses. These links (all of them to theses stored in European research repositories) will very shortly be added to FSFF‘s permanent listing of already more than 150 theses (the vast majority of them at PhD level, though one or two high quality MPhils are also included).

Particular highlights in this roundup, in FSFF‘s view, are the recent online publication of Andrew Klevan’s 1996 thesis Disclosure of the everyday, Catherine Fowler’s The films of Chantal Akerman (1995), Martin Stollery’s 1994 Alternative empires on Soviet montage cinema, the British documentary movement and colonialism, Ximena Triquell’s 2000 socio-semiotic approach to cinematic representations of the Argentine military dictatorship (1976-1983),  and David Martin-Jones’ 2002 Becoming-other in time: the Deleuzian subject in cinema.

If any of FSFF‘s esteemed readers know that their own thesis is available online but not yet added to these listings, please email this blog with a link.

    1. Aaltonen, Minna-Ella, Touch, taste and devour: phenomenology of film and the film experiencer in the cinema of sensations, MPhil Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2011
    2. Archibald, David, The Spanish Civil War in cinema, PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2004
    3. Baker, Rosemari Elizabeth, Shklovsky in the Cinema, 1926-1932, PhD Thesis, Durham University, 2010
    4. Berridge, Susan, Serialised sexual violence in teen television drama series, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2010
    5. Bissell, Laura, The female body, technology and performance: performing a feminist praxis. PhD thesis University of Glasgow, 2011
    6. Bourkiba Larbi, Abdelrhaffar, Parody and ideology: The case of Othello, PhD Thesis, Universitat de València, 2005
    7. Carrasco, Rocio, Of men and cyborgs: the construction of masculinity in contemporary U.S. science fiction cinema, PhD Thesis, Universidad de Huelva, 2010
    8. Chalkou, Maria, Towards the creation of ‘quality’ Greek national cinema in the 1960s, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2008
    9. Copsey, Dickon, Race, gender and nation : the cultural construction of identity within 1990s German cinema, PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2004 
    10. Dymek, Mikolaj, Industrial Phantasmagoria : Subcultural Interactive Cinema Meets Mass-Cultural Media of Simulation, PhD Thesis, KTH, Sweden, 2010
    11. Ferguson, Laura E., Kicking the Vietnam syndrome? Collective memory of the Vietnam War in fictional American cinema following the 1991 Gulf War, PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2011 
    12. Fowler, Catherine, The films of Chantal Akerman: a cinema of displacements, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 1995
    13. Goode, Ian, Voices of inheritance: aspects of British film and television in the 1980s and 1990s, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 2000
    14. Heeren, Catherine Quirine van, Contemporary Indonesian film : spirits of reform and ghosts from the past, PhD Thesis, Leiden University, 2009
    15. Hibberd, Lynne A., Creative industries policy and practice. a study of BBC Scotland and Scottish Screen, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2009
    16. Hinchliffe, Alexander, Contamination and containment: representing the pathologised other in 1950s American cinema, PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham, 2010
    17. Johnston, Cristina, The use of the spoken word in contemporary French minority cinema, with specific reference to banlieue and gay cinema (1990-2000), PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2005
    18. Joo, Chang-Yun, The interpretative positions of the audience and the invitations of television drama, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 1997 
    19. King, Martin S., “Running like big daft girls.” A multi-method study of representations of and reflections on men and masculinities through “The Beatles”, PhD thesis, University of Huddersfield 2009
    20. Kiss, Robert James, The Doppelganger in Wilhelmine cinema (1895-1914) : modernity, audiences and identity in turn-of-the-century Germany, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 2000 
    21. Klevan, Andrew, Disclosure of the everyday : the undramatic achievements in narrative film, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 1996
    22. Lehin, Barbara, Cinema and society: Thatcher’s Britain and Mitterand’s France, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 2003 
    23. Martin-Jones, David, Becoming-other in time: the Deleuzian subject in cinema, PhD Thesis,  University of Glasgow, 2002 
    24. Morris, Julia, An investigation into subtitling in French and Spanish heritage cinema, PhD Thesis,  University of Birmingham, 2010
    25. Natzén, Christopher, The Coming of Sound Film in Sweden 1928-1932 : New and Old Technologies, PhD Thesis, Stockholm University, 2010 
    26. Newsinger, Jack, From the grassroots: regional film policy and practice in England, PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham, 2010
    27. Pescetelli, M., The art of not forgetting: towards a practical hermeneutics of film restoration, PhD Thesis, University College London, 2011 
    28. Pigott, Michael, Time and film style, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 2009
    29. Ragazzi, Rossella, Walking on uneven paths : the transcultural experience of migrant children in France and Ireland, PhD Thesis, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2005
    30. Robinson, Rebecca Grace, Scottish television comedy audiences, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2002
    31. Shand, Ryan John, Amateur cinema: history, theory and genre (1930-80), PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2007  
    32. Shields, Ryan John, Amateur cinema: history, theory and genre (1930-80), PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow, 2007
    33. Smit, Alexia Jayne, Broadcasting the body: affect, embodiment and bodily excess on contemporary television, PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 2010
    34. Smith, Sarah, A complicitous critique: parodic transformations of cinema in moving image art,  PhD thesis, University of Glasgow 2007
    35. Sorrentino, Giuseppe, The Disappearance of the Real – Mass Media in Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo and Cormac McCarthy, PhD Thesis, Università degli studi Roma, 2008
    36. Stollery, Martin, Alternative empires : Soviet montage cinema, the British documentary movement and colonialism, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick 1994
    37. Thomas, Sarah, Face-maker : the negotiation between screen performance, extra-filmic persona and conditions of employment within the career of Peter Lorre, PhD Thesis, University of Warwick, 2008
    38. Triquell, Ximena, Projecting history: a socio-semiotic approach to the representations of the military dictatorship (1976-1983) in the cinematic discourses of Argentine democracy, PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham, 2000
    39. Walsh, John, A Space and Time Machine: Actuality Cinema in New York City, 1890s to c. 1905, PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham, 2005
    40. Yam, Chi-Keung, Study of popular Hong Kong cinema from 2001 to 2004 as resource for a contextual approach to expressions of christian faith in the public realm after the reversion to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2008

    >30 Online Film Studies Books and PhD Theses from OhioLINK


    Image from When Night is Falling (Patricia Rozema, 1995), a film discussed by Jamie L. Stuart

    Film Studies For Free shakes itself out of an uncharacteristic, unseasonal, hot-weather related torpor to bring you one of its regular reports (and lists of links) from a University research repository. Today, it’s the turn of the utterly brilliant repository at the OhioLINK ETD Center, gathering theses and books (in bold below) by film studies scholars at Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University, Ohio University, and Case Western Reserve University.

    As usual, these links will be added in due course to FSFF‘s permanent listings of Online Film and Moving Image Studies PhD Theses and Open Access Film E-books List.

    >125 Online Film and Moving Image Studies PhD Theses


    “How will I ever find a PhD thesis in here?”: images from The Name of the Rose (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1986)

    The ever industrious, but not nearly modest enough, Film Studies For Free has just published a new page to house a permanent and, thankfully, growing list of openly accessible, English-language, online PhD theses in Film and Moving Image Studies.

    Like its other, jaw-droppingly essential pages, it is accessible from the FSFF contents index in the right-hand sidebar. So, hopefully you won’t need a PhD to find it again in future.

    It currently lists links to 125 theses on an enormous range of film and moving image studies topics, and it will be kept constantly updated as new items come to light.

    Talking of which, if you know of any relevant, existing online theses that should be added to the list or, alternatively, of online research repositories that FSFF hasn’t yet explored, please, please, please email FSFF.

    >Lots of Film Studies PhD Theses Online


    Masculine ‘musculinity’ (almost) all grown up –  Sylvester Stallone, in The Expendables ( Stallone, 2010). (See Yvonne Tasker’s PhD on masculinity and action movies)

    It was time for one of Film Studies For Free‘s regular visits to a research repository search-engine to see which PhD theses have been made openly accessible online since this blog last took a look.

    A few of the below PDF files have been linked to before by FSFF but the vast majority have not come up in earlier searches. And there are some fabulous items here: such as Yvonne Tasker’s paradigm shifting thesis on gender and action cinema, and Donato Totaro on time and the long take in the cinema. And what a truly astounding variety of topics!

    >Amsterdam fine links!


    Image from Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972), based on Stanisław Lem‘s 1961 novel. Read BC Biermann’s film-philosophical PhD Thesis chapter on this film adaptation

    A little window of opportunity for Film Studies For Free‘s author to bring you one of this site’s regular features today: a report (or, more accurately, a labour-intensive links-harvest) from a University research repository, one of those online archives in which, on occasion, academics choose not only to store references to their published film studies work, but also to provide Open Access to that work.

    The repository in question today is that of the University of Amsterdam/Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), home to one of the best Film and Media Studies departments in the world. Below is a list of links to an amazing spread of very high quality film research accessible there, most of it in the form of full-length PhD theses.

    Concordia cinema studies resources freely accessible online

    The woman at the window: image from Jane Campion‘s Bright Star (2009); a trope explored in Julianne Pidduck‘s PhD thesis on the costume film now accessible online

    Film Studies For Free was excited to hear last week that Concordia University has launched its online Institutional Research Repository Spectrum, with 6,000 full-text theses and dissertations. It was excited because it knows that based at Concordia is the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the largest, university centre for the study of film animation, film production and film studies in Canada.

    FSFF also specifically knew that highly significant Canadian scholars, such as Julianne Pidduck (now a professor at the Université de Montréal) and André Habib (also at the Université de Montréal) had produced graduate theses there.

    So, it is delighted to bring you the below links to the fabulous (mostly) Film Studies thesis resources accessible via the repository, including ones by Pidduck on the costume film (and also on contemporary film noir), Habib’s brilliant francophone thesis on Jean-Luc Godard, and great work by other (now) well-known scholars such as Liz Czach.

    Bellocchio, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Verga and beyond: Italian Cinema research from new look

    Image from I pugni in tasca/Fists in pocket (Marco Bellocchio, Italy, 1965).
    See Deborah Young’s short essay on this film here.

    Here’s another post to celebrate Open Access Week, just in the nick of time.

    Film Studies For Free, tipping its jaunty e-hat to the fabulous weblog Open Access News for the information, has been delighted today to revisit the eScholarship archive of the University of California, which has had a makeover. Here’s the explanation of the whys and wherefores. FSFF can happily testify that it is now even more user-friendly than before, so do please explore it.

    To celebrate, here’s a little crop of wonderful, openly-accessible articles on Italian cinema, all published in the UCLA journal Carte Italiane, that FSFF was able to harvest in a even shorter jiffy than usual.