Latest issues of KINEMA: von Trier, Czech cinema, Romanian cinema, Woody Allen, cult cinema, de Mille, Schnabel, Practice vs. Theory

So bad it’s good? Framegrab from The Room (Tommy Wiseau, 2003). Read Rod Stoneman’s study of cult cinema “Inside The Room and Beyond”

Film Studies For Free continues to catch up with (fairly) recently published issues of online Film Studies journals. Below are links to the articles from the Spring and Fall 2011 issues of Canadian journal Kinema.

Lots of good stuff here, and even some good stuff on bad stuff, but FSFF especially recommends Mette Hjort’s wonderful article on Lars von Trier.

Fall 2011

Spring 2011


Cinephilia celebrated and explored in IndianAuteur

A Film Studies For Free quickie first-off today, just to bring you news of the new issue (no. 7: November 25- December 25) of the IndianAuteur  E-magazine. In particular, FSFF wanted to flag up its fascinating series of articles on film festivals and cinephilia, crowned by a truly fantastic interview with one of the most prodigiously talented and productive cinephile film-writers out there, Adrian Martin.

You can read the issue online by clicking here; and you can download it by clicking here (for the .zip file). The magazine’s great e-archive of past issues is here. Below, FSFF has pasted the table of contents of direct links to all those articles from the new issue which available online:

Paradise Lost: Kshitiz Anand
Cinephilia in India: Nitesh Rohit
Seeing is Believing: Supriya Suri
Winds From The East: Sagorika Singha
Multiplexes, Multi-Million AND Multi-Wood: Anuj Malhotra (there’s a problem loading this page so far)