CINEPHILE 8.1 on the Voice-Over in Cinema


The Cine-Files’ special issue on mise-en-scene: Laura Mulvey, Kristin Thompson, V.F. Perkins, Lesley Stern, Adrian Martin, Christian Keathley, Jean Ma, Girish Shambu, John Gibbs and Jesse Green

New SENSES OF CINEMA: Malick, Godard, Weimar Cinema, Schepisi, Chaplin, Martel, Holland, Philibert, Pereira Dos Santos

Image from Film Socialisme (Jean-Luc Godard, 2010). You can read Samuel Bréan’s SOC essay about this film here.

Film Studies For Free is delighted to convey to its readers that a great new issue of Senses of Cinema has just been published. It’s a bumper issue with lots of interest.

It is a timely reminder of just what a valuable publication this online journal is. To which end, SOC launched a Support Senses campaign a little while ago. FSFF thinks that if you regularly visit this journal, if you value what it does, perhaps you might like to consider making a small (or large!) donation, perhaps the cost of a monthly commercial film magazine, as a guideline, for starters.

Senses of Cinema, Issue 60, 2011 

Great Directors:

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Bodies Politic/Body Politics
“Your body is a microcosm of all existence.” – On Michelle LeBrun’s Death: A Love Story: Bodies Politic/Body Politics: The Political and the Personal in Contemporary Film Essays by Matt Brennan
Film Studies For Free continues to catch up with August’s bumper crop of new online journal issues. Over the weekend, it has been thoroughly enjoying the lively and eclectic brilliance of Bright Lights Film Journal‘s latest offering of very savvy, and sometimes sassy, articles.

They may not be ‘peer reviewed’ in the strict scholarly sense, but film studies academics and cinephiles will miss these at their peril.

The entire table of contents for Issue 73 is thus reproduced below. And don’t miss Bright Lights After Dark, BLFJ‘s fabulous film blog for further, essential, movie musings. 

Bright Lights Film Journal, August 2011 | Issue 73

From the Editor
Short Features
  • They Live, by Jonathan Lethem. Reviewed by Chad Trevitte

The Tree of Links: Terrence Malick Studies

Frame grab from The New World (Terrence Malick, 2004)

For me the most powerful films are, and always will be, those of a singular gaze where the human eye can be felt, where it is allowed to go uninhibited, without question and without anyone second guessing its accuracy.

[Filmmaker Brad McGann on Malick’s Days of Heaven in ‘Southern Superstition’, Take, Issue 27, Winter 2004/5, p. 19. cited by Duncan Petrie]

Film Studies For Free is off to the beach and won’t be posting for a few weeks. But, dry those tears! FSFF always likes to leave its readers with something to remember it by. And this year’s pre-vacation posting will hopefully do the trick. 

Below, you will find a sublime, transcendent, rare, totally indulgent, and almost religiously good list of links to online and openly accessible studies of the work of American filmmaker Terrence Malick, together with some reviews of his 2011 Palme D’Or winning opus The Tree of Life which are of scholarly interest. Scroll right down to the end for five of Matt Zoller Seitz‘s great video essays on Malick’s work.

Don’t say that FSFF doesn’t love you, because, despite its occasional confusion with double-negatives, it does! Ciao!